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Speed Play

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Fartlek training
Fartlek training is a method of training that involves continually working, but at different intensity’s for different amounts of time or distance. For example if a runner was carrying out a fartlek training session, they might run at 60% of their maximum heart rate for a certain amount of time or distance (depending on their ability) then 80% of their maximum heart rate for a same or varied amount of time or distance (again depending on their ability). Then back to the original or another intensity of the runners choice. The session can be highly varied to accommodate for individual needs.
Fartlek means “speed play” in Swedish, fartlek training is similar to interval training as there are different intensity’s at different times, however unlike interval training, fartlek training doesn’t involve being stationary for any period of time, Fartlek training can be applied to weight or cardio-vascular training.
How this applies to my sport
My chosen sport is cross country. Fartlek training is very beneficial to my sport as you are never stationary but, while keeping a steady pace is important, you sometimes have to run at different speeds at different points in the race, e.g. if you try to sprint up a hill, you probably won’t be able to finish so you must run at a slightly slower pace so as to not wear yourself out, but sometimes sprinting at the end of races to overtake people can win you the race.


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