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Gay Rights - Essay 3

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Gay Rights
There has been debate against and for gay marriages for centuries. Some say they are for it, and some say they are against it. Coming from a fellow lesbians’ perspective; I am one of those that is for legalizing gay rights. The myths that have been spread are ridiculous. Most of them come from very religious individuals; others come from homophobic individuals who don’t believe in it. The pros for same sex marriage are wonderful. There are many reasons why same sex relationships should be legal.
As I said, the myths of this topic are appalling. The first is that gays have a choice to be gay or straight. That is a lie. Gays are most definitely born that way. No one can make someone choose to be with the same sex. It’s something you figure out about yourself as you’re growing up. Sometimes things change, sometimes it’s just a stage, and sometimes it’s who you really are. There also have been myths that gays and lesbians are the cause of AIDS. The cause of AIDS was long before gays and lesbians were here. AIDS was mainly from doing drugs with unsterilized needles. Gays should not be held responsible for a major disease which in fact has killed over 21.8 million people. Some say that one’s sexual orientation determines their education and their choice of career and whether or not they can make it. Someone shouldn’t have to hide who they are from the world just to get a decent job, that’s not how the world should be nowadays. The people say that The United States is a free country, but frankly, that doesn’t sound too free to me. I personally want a job in the criminal field. If me being a lesbian determines whether I get that job or not, then I believe that they don’t deserve to have someone like myself to be working for them. There have been rumors that gay marriage is not a healthy marriage. Well, they’re wrong. Just because a marriage contains two of the same sex does not mean it can’t be a healthy marriage. Some say it’s better than a heterosexual...


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