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Tyler Knight
3rd hour
                                      We Must Destroy the Thought of Assigned Seats
    Once upon a time in a school far away, lunch ladies and teachers made the biggest mistake in school history. These people went wrong because they decided to give us... ASSIGNED SEATS! Once these seats were given friends were lost and enemies were made. What I am about to tell you will make you think differently about these so-called assigned seats. Schools should not have assigned seats!
    These are some of the reasons we should not have assigned seats. Some of these reasons are, first off it would be good not to have assigned seats, because you could meet people that you never even knew existed, but the only way you would be able to meet these people is if you were allowed to sit wherever you pleased. A second reason that it would be a good idea not to have assigned seats, is because that only so many people can sit at one table. This can be an issue because if you are picking your assigned seats and someone takes the seat you want you might have to sit by people you don't even know, but if there aren't any assigned seats you can just sit somewhere else by another group of your friends. Lastly, the most important reason that it would be a good idea to get rid of the assigned seats policy, is fighting. As a student here at HMS I see so many people arguing and fighting with each other, and what makes it worse is that those students have to sit next to each other the rest of the school year. Teachers at HMS could avoid this problem if they took away the assigned seats policy, because if we could sit anywhere we wanted we could just move if we got into it with someone.
    These are some reasons it would be good to have assigned seats. One reason it would be good to have assigned seats is because you would be able to get closer to one person. This is true but if you didn’t have assigned seats you would be able to get close to several people instead of...


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