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Should Professional Sports Athletes Be Paid More?

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In current world, it is a well-known fact that many professional sports athletes earn much more than people in other circles. At the same time, people are divided over whether these players deserve this kind of rewarding. From my own perspective, I agree the view that they should have it.

A number of people believe that they deserve it. With spending so much time and energy on their project, these athletes need appropriate return. In order to break the world record, they need to do more, for example, Chinese divers are training the whole year, no matter physical discomfort or family matters.

Besides, every player’s personal success is a national honor. That is priceless and cannot be measured by money or anything. Furthermore, injuries to athletes because of sports training and competitions may be permanent and even affect their lives in the future. Neither this cannot be made up by money.

However, others say athletes should not get so much money from sports competitions or advertisings. Because it is the country that gives them the opportunity to make today's achievements. They have the obligation to pay back instead of getting more.

For me, I insist that sports athletes have the right to earn money. Moreover, they make money by their own ability, not by improper means. From another way to see this phenomenon, we can understand it.   After all, the time they spent in the past and injures made during trainings cannot be compensated, no matter how much money they get.


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