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Kite and Crow Fanciers in Pakistan

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Kite and crow fanciers in Pakistan
Fearing so close raptor might hit, I swiftly applied brakes. Kite of over four feet wingspan, piercing talons, tearing bill turns a threat for biker when it is flying hardly at a distance of few feet. That brownish dark bird dived at scattered-around offal and in a flash flied up at a speed enough to terrify any passer by. Would-be ugly scene was avoided more by bird’s flying skill brakes just made me overcome my fears.   This experience made me wonder how many others face this chilling experience daily. From Thoker to Jallo about 30 km long route harmless birds are not as common as crows and kites terrifying bikers, other drivers although not like Damocles sword. Thanks to offerings made by our God fearing reckless souls at the busiest sites ignoring how dreadful their so-called piety could turn-out to be.
This consistently observed kind of piety has turned many offal offering sites into breeding centers for crows and kites resultantly their strength is constantly rising, apprehensions about serious traffic problem cannot be ignored.   Few days back I took my daughters to Race Course Park. During walk around Polo ground my six years old child got terrified when she saw awesome kites hovering around. Situation in other prominent parks is no different whether it is Gulshan Iqbal, Model Town Park, Minto Park or Lawrence Garden. Ravi bridges the main entrance of city and always heavily congested, have since long become breeding centers for these worthless dark birds.
Feeding birds as an act of piety is in practice since time immemorial. This is the reason most sacred sites including shrines, mosques, temples, Gordwaras, churches and monasteries etc are packed with pigeons. These pigeons, if not consecration, can satisfy empty tummies for   being halal or at least fetch income to fowlers. On the other hand black birds are neither Halal nor can fetch income to any. Despite   hazards outnumbered kites can cause, it is depressing to see...


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