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How Does Tennessee Williams Suggest That Blanche Is Being ‘Torn Away’ from Her ‘Chosen Image’ Within Scenes 7 and 8?

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How does Tennessee Williams suggest that Blanche is being ‘torn away’ from her ‘chosen image’ within Scenes 7 and 8?
The playwright Tennessee Williams effectively suggests that Blanche is being ‘torn away’ away from her chosen image through the use of language, form, and structure, hence creating and building tragedy. Williams builds this climax of Blanche being ‘torn away’ from her chosen image within scenes 7 and 8, which I will be exploring, such as: the use of form, e.g- the main features of Arthur Miller’s ‘modern domestic tragedy’ and how Williams portrays this within scenes 7 and 8 in relation to Blanche. The fact that ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ is a play is very effective in regards to portraying this idea of displacement, the reason being, the play is a dramatic genre. Therefore, Williams has tools such as Dramatic devices, such as: the use of musical instruments, dramatic irony, stage directions and so forth.
Tennessee Williams successfully illustrates this concept by means of the use of language and structure in many ways which I will be discussing, such as: the use of dramatic irony, which is created through the contrapuntal technique; secondly, introducing the audience to the tense relationship between Stanley and Blanche, and structuring the scene in such a way that the audience are made aware that Blanche’s chosen image is in jeopardy, via Stanley’s comment: “Things I already suspected. But now I got proof from the most reliable sources- which I have checked on!” This creates tragedy, as the mood of the scene is tense, and awkward, which is ironic because it is Blanche’s birthday.
According to Arthur Miller, the main feature of modern domestic tragedy “derives from the underlying fear of being displaced, the disaster inherent in being torn away from our chosen image of what or who we are in this world”. Interestingly, Blanches chosen image is the past, and this reflects the idea of the ‘past impinging on the present’, I believe this notion...


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