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Biology 1

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Biology – the science of life. We all know that this was the most common meaning that could be given to the subject. Now that I’m a first year student I could have the chance to make this idea a lot deeper.

As a college student, I can say that I have a wider idea about biology for it is also a subject taken on high school. Even on elementary, some basic ideas were also discussed which serves as the foundation of greater and more complicated knowledge about life and living organisms in related with the environment.

Since biology is the study of life, as mentioned earlier, it covers the deeper understanding of how life has come to existence, where did all these living organisms came from. In greater perspective, from origin of life to evolution, reproduction, heredity and many other subtopics are included in studying biology.

There are so many difficult words and terminologies that are used in the subject. Well, I can say that biology is slightly difficult because there are many different words that are only used for studying the subject and I really hate memorizing but I think it would be fun. It’s a challenge for me. In this subject, we should also have a deeper understanding of what we have encountered and discussed on high school and even on elementary.

On high school, I have learn so many things on biology – about the cell, what it is compose of, how did the next generation exist with those materials, what are the different processes that is concern on our different body systems and we even touch few things about genetics. But the last part wasn’t clear to me. That’s why I want to further study the subject.

I’m expecting more new knowledge about different topics it consists. I know there are a lot more to discover because life is never-ending and there are many ideas that may continuously exist. I want to clarify all the things I have learned on the past years. As a living organism, I should know those ideas that...


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