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Transport Fruites and Vegetables

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Nowadays,thchnology is developing at a staggering rate.It is convenient for foreign fruit and vegetable products to be transportted to countries around the world.Some people agree that it gives us more options.However,others believe that this makes the price of fruits and vegetables higher.Whether it is good for individuals has sparked much debates.

Individuals can benefit from transportting fruits and vegetables by air.In the first place,it can improve the quality of people’s life.Folks can get foreign fruits or vegetables easily from remote locations or even half way around the globe,which enlarges people’s options.In the second place,transportting fruits or vegetables via the air is a more efficient option for business-owners,which help them achieve substantial profits.Specifically,fruits and vegetables transportted by air are fresher than those transportted by traditional ways.And folks are more likely to buy those fresh fruits and vegetbles.Thirdly,it can promote the development of globalisation.There will have more communications between different nations.And the gap between developing countries and developed countries will be narrowed.

However,air transport of foreign fruit and vegetable products may have disadvantages.For instance,it will put more financial pressures on people who do not have enough money to buy those expensive fruits or vegetables.Transportting by air can increase the overhead costs of fruits and vegetables.Hence,impoverished households cannot offord the bill.But overall,I think this is less likely today,when the prices of air transportion decrease a lot,compared with ten years ago.

Generally,the price is still an important element when buying fruits or vegetables.But with the development of society,people will choice the taste rather than the price.Our goveronment can also lower the tax revenue of importted fruits and vegetables to meet individuals’ demands.


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