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English Gcse Story

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She knew it was a mistake as soon as she turned the corner, she stood there horror struck...
Earlier that evening Rebecca a CSI agent sat, starting her evening shift hunched over her paperwork with her glasses perched on the end of her nose. She turned her head to stare through the crying window, she could make out a blaze of orange streetlamps whilst she could hear busses groaning and hissing whilst people slapped hands down on their horns. Above was just a grey filter over the black sky from the light pollution, Rebecca missed living in the country as a child; she would gaze up at the dark beauty scattered with diamonds all night.   A little while later when there were only 2 people left in the office, 1 being her, she started to think about how life could have been if she had stayed in the country. She could have lived in a big old fashioned house and as she was plucking some freshly baked cakes from the oven that smelt delightful, her three children would be running into the kitchen etching to have one and begging her to come and play with them outside.
“Rebecca” Michael called in a stern voice “the phone, it sounds urgent.”
“Yes, Yes, Sorry Michael send it through.”
As he marched out she grabbed the phone and placed it against her ear, they got phone calls allot in the office but most of the time it wasn’t much action.
“This is Rebecca Hawthorne, Speaking?”
“Hi Rebecca, I’m Matthew from Miami police station. We need your help with something..”


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