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To Kill a Mockinng Bird

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To kill a mocking bird is an excellent classic. The story teaches us many different lessons and shows us multiple themes. The story shows us bravery, victimization, racism, and many others. But one important theme is parent-child relationship.
The first example of parent-child relationship is Atticus and his children. Their relationship consists of mutual respect, Atticus teaches them good morals and he leads by example.   In the story Atticus encourages his children to be honest and take responsibility for their actions:   best way to clear the air is to have it all out in the open…I don’t want him growing up with a whisper about him, I don’t want anybody saying ‘ Jem Finch…his daddy paid a mint to get him out of that’ (273).”   To kill a Mocking bird shows multiple examples of parenting and Atticus shows the best way.
Another example of parent-child relationship is Bob Ewell and Mayella Ewell. There relationship is quite different than Atticus’s and his children. Bob is abusive, an alcoholic, he’s uncaring and cruel. Mayella reveals in the story to Tom Robinson “she says what her papa do to her don’t count (194).”   This also shows us that Bob sexually abuses his daughter. Bob Ewell in To Kill a Mocking bird shows the worst type of parenting.
A third example of parent-child relationship is Aunt Alexandria and the children. Even though she is Atticus’s sister she too parents quite differently from him. She does not lead by example, she’s very strict, she would never embarrass the family name, and she is the boss. Francis reveals in the story that Aunt Alexandria was talking bad about Atticus and his choice to defend Tom Robinson: “ I guess it aint your fault if Uncle Atticus is a nigger lover besides, but I’m here to tell you it certainly does mortify the rest of the family (83).” This shows us that Aunt Alexandria would rather keep up her reputation for her family name than support Atticus. Aunt Alexandria shows good and bad parenting in the novel.


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