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Islam and Christianity - Essay

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Essay on Islam and Christianity

From the time of Muhammad the contact of Islam with Christianity has been very close. They first met when Christianity was at its worst spirituality, and when the sects of Christendom were disunited and very dissatisfied with their Christian rulers.

When the armies of the Khalifas overran Egypt, Syria and other lands, where the Christian religion had sway, many of the communities considered the rule of the Muslim conqueror would be an improvement upon that of the Byzantine Emperor, and they submitted after a very feeble resistance.

Then Damascus, Jerusalem, Corinth, Smyrna, Thessalonica, and many other cities of Biblical fame, had to yield the Cross for the Crescent.

But in every case there was not meek submission. The contact in many places had been a deadly combat.

Which continued with more or less bitterness and even slaughter until the crisis of the Crusades, when the severest strain was put upon the adherents of both Faiths. The Crusades sobered Europe.

Soon afterwards we find the different countries improving themselves by studying the Muslim philosophers of Andalusia, and adopting their arts, industries and sciences, which had been derived for the most part from Greeco schools of thought.

There was some Christianity the belief of Islam. The religions touch at many points.

1. In Islam honour is given to the Christian Scriptures. They are mentioned one hundred and thirty times in the Holy Quran in laudable terms.

These Scriptures are divided into Taurat, Zabur and Injil, or Evangel, which are known to us as the Pentateuch, Psalms of David, and Gospel. From certain references we think he must have known something about the prophets as well.

The Bible, as he did know it, was given the noble titles. It is called the Book; The Book of God; The Word of God; A Light and Guidance to man; A decision for all...


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