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Modernism and Religion

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Modernism: We Have Technology.
The evolution of the relationship between Modernism and Christianity. Where do I go from here?

If you are an avid historian you will know that Western history can be divided up into categories: Medieval, early modern, modern and not postmodern.   For political sake Modernism is considered to be the period between the dall of the Bastille in 1789 (google search it… great history) and the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989. The French Revolution as the starting point of the modern age is taken as the ultimate symbol of enlightenment.   In the French revolution all of its feudal system and the power of the church gave way to liberty and equality of all.   Of course this is the “Camelot” theory… way different to the actual truth. As an end to the Modern era, the Berlin wall coming down symbolized the fall of one of the most powerful modernist systems, Marxism.

Modernism is considered to be a movement of ideas. A new way of thinking about humanity and the world it also defined the end of the middle ages. Although we live in a post-modernist era, essentially the core ideas are modernist.   One of the greatest developments in the Modern era was science. It is a symbol of modernism. The greatest success story of mankind. It certainly offered a foundation and in many ways became the face of modernism.

The basic idea is that science could solve anything. With that tool in hand humanity could understand the reality of all things. The modern era was an optimistic time. Intellectually people could be sure about what was true; Scientifically, knowledge would grow all the time; socially, technology would conquer   illness, there would be growing prosperity in all.   Humanity was succeeding. The world was expanding, new countries founded all the time. The Western Modern Man was dominating the whole world.

This optimism was based on a strong feeling of certainty. The use of having a reason, and experimenting. The two main systems about how to...


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