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Does Poverty Affects Lives?

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Does Poverty Affect Lives?
Poverty is word which means “the condition of having an insufficient amount of resources or an income.” But, why is this happening to the Filipino people if we already have enough and plenty resources that we need in our country? Philippines is a country which is very rich in everything. Our country has a wealthy supplies of all the food that we need and most of all it is very rich in natural resources. If you are to think about it, there’s no any reason for the Filipinos to poor. How come that Filipinos suffer from poverty?
If you are to observe the things happening in the Philippines now days, you would be able to see the factors that cause poverty to the lives of the Filipino people. Like some people, they don’t want to dream and do something big for themselves because they are already used to the lifestyle that they have. They are used to the kind of life “na isang kahig, isang tuka.” They are already satisfied with this. What’s important is today, that they need money to have food, and they don’t mind what will happen tomorrow. Another thing is that they are not good steward of God’s given blessing to them. They use the resources that they have unproductively. Sometimes it’s productive, but only for a very short time. For example, they do illegal mining and logging to have money immediately. And at the end of the day, they still don’t have the money to be used for their living and no more natural resources to be used again for they have destroy the rich nature God has given to them. Next one is because of gambling. I have said this because many Filipinos would love to use their money for gambling to make it more than using it first for their food and family needs. Sometimes, if they got money they will go first to the “tong-itan” than to have business to multiply their money. Another factor is corruption. People in the position use the money, the taxes that Filipinos give to the government; they use this only for their benefit....


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