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Reading or Watching Tv

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When different ways of entertainment become prevalent, such as book reading and TV watching, people try to put some value on such enjoyable things. Imagination is one thing expected. The acquirement of language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking is also what people want. Some people argue, to read books can gain such skills better than to watch TV. I think different media have special influences on the cultivation of skills.
Imagination can be formed and trained in different ways. TV, as a live media, brings numerous vivid pictures. Some audiences start to write stories or draw pictures regard as Star Wars; some even made them appear in the battle. This is the process of in-taking, during which the images and information will be stored in audiences' brains and might be used in the future. Along with TV, books are much like a signal for readers, requiring output of images or data stored in their brain. When people read books, they can control the speed of reading and even go back to read the most fun part again. They then probably start shaping the black letters into images. Such reaction is happened subconsciously. Therefore, by and large, imagination can be developed by interaction and complementation of these two channels.
Different from the cooperation of such two ways, different language skills are trained trough TV and books. The languages used on TV are in casual and have slang in them. These are good sources for the people who want to improve oral English. Also, listening skills can be improved by watching TV. Books, on the other hand, are written more formal providing ideal material for writing. If someone wants to improve writing skills, they can open a book interested and read it; thereby the words, phrases and collocations can be easily remembered. Additionally, by reading more books, reading skills can be enhanced as well.
To conclude, the development of imagination is the corporation of different media. Listening and speaking...


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