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Mla and Apa

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When doing a formal, informal essay or a research paper, there are two major styles that one
can format it in, those two styles being the MLA or APA style. When approaching the paper one
must decide which style there going to use due to the fact that both the MLA and APA styles
have many differences from each other in many ways. Both MLA and APA are different when it
comes to the way your paper is actually set up, the way that you set up your sources at the end
of the paper, and in footnotes/end notes/in text citation. The type of essay a person is going to
write will determine what style they will use.
  When starting your paper you have to begin with the page set up before you can continue on,
and when comparing the page set up of MLA format to the style of the APA format is when you
notice the differences both have from each other. In the top left corner of the page must
include your first and last name, as well as the name of the professor that you are writing the
paper to. The top left corner must also include the date and the course code. On the top right
corner of every page is were the page number goes, you also put the last name of the person
who is writing the paper before the number of the page. It is good to know that when writing
the paper that it should be written double spaced. The title of the paper you are writing is
usually in the middle of the paper before you start writing your paper. You should include your
citation of all the sources you have retrieved your proof or things to back up your thesis. Unlike
MLA, the APA style is much different with there page layout. In the APA style format, a title is
included, and on the title page is were you put such things like running head for publication
purposes, a title, and byline. Following up the title page is when the page number and running
heading is. On the top upper right hand corner of each page is were you include things like a 1-2
word version of the...


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