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In the Classroom

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he growth of technology has spurred the inclusion of new and various forms of technology in many locations and branches of life, from government offices to communication companies and the social life, such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. However, some of the most common places technology can be found are in our education systems, our classrooms and district offices. Although schools find themselves using more and more new technologies each day, they find themselves also the subject of much controversy over the use of this technology in the first place.

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Print this articleArrival of Technology in Schools
Classrooms are the place for knowledge. History, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages and more are all taught via textbook and lecture in classrooms all over the world. However, in the modern world, much of what may be considered the "typical" classroom is changing. Lessons are being done by video, textbooks are replaced by online readings, and lectures are given by podcast, able to fit on every student's iPod and able to be played back at any time, anywhere. Notes are taken on laptops, and professors giving lectures can be recorded on mini tapes or digital device sitting on any student's desk.

The possibilities are expanding at a very quick pace, and the use of this technology makes lesson giving easier, but at the same time allows teachers and professors to be more thorough. It also gives students the ability to use their notes and lesson plans for more in-depth study and revision while spending less time panicking over too little time to prepare for exams and tests.

Misconceptions and Arguments
As always, the addition of technology creates some controversy. Some worry that the addition of technology will create a generation of students glued to their computer screens, unable or possibly unwilling to interact with other human...


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