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The Outsiders Book Report

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Iqbal Sukur 10th
The outsiders

The outsiders by S.E. Hinton was first published in 1967. The book takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This book is a drama and realistic fiction. The story is mainly about a boy who goes through difficult problems, in a bad society and endures it through the thick and thin.
The book is about a boy called Ponyboy Curtis who belongs to a lower-class group who are called greasers because of their long, greasy-looking hair. When Ponyboy leaves the movie theater, he gets jumped by the Socs who are a rival group that are rich. Ponyboy’s brother Sodapop and Darry come and save him. The next day Ponyboy and two of his friends Dally and Johnny go to the theaters and meet two girls who end up being Socs. After the movie Ponyboy and Johnny try to walk the two girls home, when they meet up with the girls boyfriends. The girls prevent a fight by leaving with their boyfriends. Ponyboy gets home late at night and his brother Darry gets mad at him for being careless, so Ponyboy runs away and meets up with Johnny. As they wander around they are approached by three drunken Socs and begin to fight. As the fight goes on Johnny accidently stabs one of the Socs causing them to die. Johnny and Ponyboy run away and find Dally who gives them a gun and some money, he then tells them to hide at the abandoned church until further notice. A few days pass and they find out that war between the two groups has gotten worse. Ponyboy and Johnny get hungry so they decide to go to a nearby store, when they get back they notice that the church has gotten on fire and that there are kids inside. Ponyboy and Johnny go inside and save the kids but Johnny gets severely injured. They are declared heroes but Johnny is charged for murder for the Socs death. A few days later Ponyboy see’s Johnny die in hospital and goes in a state of depression. When he goes back to school his grades go down dramatically but manage to pull through.
Ponyboy is really a good, caring...


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