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The Shecklers

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‘I would have to be the luckiest girl in the world right now’ said Madison as she was looking over at her newlywed husband Ryan. It was the day after that Madison had become a part of the Sheckler family and to celebrate it they were in the richest hotel that there could be in the Sunshine Coast.
They both woke up with smiles on their faces as they could never be happier. As they went down for a spa downstairs, they were both thinking of what they could do today. Madison came up with a brilliant idea to go snorkelling; Ryan thought that the idea was great so they decided to do it. Madison was so excited because they never really got to do anything together because Ryan was always so busy with travelling for skating comps. As they got ready to go snorkelling, Ryan kept going on about how he wanted to see all of the colourful fish in the sea. They arrived at the snorkelling place and as they were signing up they met all of the people that were going to be coming on the trip out there with them.
On the boat on the way out, the instructor David and his wife Miranda were going on about how if you want to go and see the colourful fish you have to let them know because they had approximately 2 hours out there. As everyone was getting ready to go down in the water they were ticking their names off for who had gone in already. Unfortunately Madison and Ryan were too busy trying to fit the tank on Madisons back to realise that they hadn’t ticked off their names. It was finally the time to go down and they were both so excited. They went down and snorkelled off to go and see the wonderful coloured fish that there were. It had been about two hours and Miranda and David were getting ready to go as everyone on the list who ticked their names off had come back. Madison and Ryan were having a splendid time out in the water and forgot about the time altogether. They had finally decided that they had have enough and to come up and have a break and go back to the boat for...


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