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Apush Chapter 22 Outline

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Chapter 25 Outline: America and the Great War                                                    

.Wilson had no experience in international relations .Wilson saw himself as a man of providential destiny who would help create a new world governed by morality and idealism rather than selfish national interests
.Wilson and Bryan developed a diplomatic policy based on pious idealism                       .During 1913-14 Bryan negotiated some 30 cooling off treaties, under which participating nations pledged not to go to war over any disagreement for a period of 12 months pending discussion

.1876-1910 Profiri Diaz had dominated Mexico as military dictator, but in 1910 popular resentment boiled over into revolt, revolutionaries armies occupied Mexico City and in 1911 Diaz fled           .leader of rebellion named Francisco Madero, 1913 his chief of staff Victoriano Huerta assumed power and his henchmen murdered Madero after
.Wilson 1914 removed arms embargo against Mexico in order to help an insurgent faction under Venustiano Caranza of the constitutionalist party         .American occupation of Veracruz aroused the opposition of all factions against the Yankee imperialists, and Huerta rallied support against a foreign invasion .Wilson accepted an offer of mediation by the Argentina, Brazil, and Chile powers which proposed the withdrawal of US forces, removal of Huerta, and installation of a provisional govt sympathetic to democratic reforms           .Huerta refused to step down but the moral effect of the proposal and the growing strength of his foes soon forced him to leave office
.US and several Latin American govts recognized Carranza as president of Mexico                 .All through 1915, the forces of Villa and Carranza attacked each other               .Wilson sent John Pershing across border with 11,000 soldiers and 150, national guardsmen, men chased Villa through northern Mexico and had no luck so they were ordered home in 1917       .Carranza...


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