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Visual Essay

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Nature Destruction

The picture on page 18 in the text book Student’s Book of College English rhetoric, reader, research guide, and handbook by David Skwire and Harvey S. Wiener shows that has been a nature cause crisis. The setting of the photo looks like a neighborhood where the tragedy took place. I believe the visual meaning of this photo is to show the outside people not hit by this crisis, the destruction that the storm has left this neighborhood.

Considering this photo is just one shot yet it speaks volumes in the behind scenes that is going on. First, I see a kid with a backpack walking in a street that is heavy flooded, carrying his pet cats to safety. This leads me to believe that his home is no longer safe for him or his pets. Also, that he packed all the things he could in a rush to get out in time to avoid any harm to his self. I also see a few trees down in the background behind the boy as he walks to a safe place. There are no other people in this photo shot that could suggest that everyone else is either ahead of him or following the same path he is. There is a relation to all these different parts of the photo, they suggest that this neighborhood has been hit hard from the weather and they need help getting back on their feet. All these part contribute a great value to the meaning of visual of this photo.

Most photos might be staged and made to look really bad then what it really is yet this photo doesn’t suggest that in any way. This photo is natural by all means; it shows the pain on the young boys face. It also shows that he really cares for all of his cats and wanted to make sure that they were safe as well. I believe none of the elements that were in the photo were exaggerated to produce any effect to add to the photo.

      I think that the visual of the photo accomplished the purpose of the photographer, showing how bad the situation was left after the storm hit. It also showed light in the photo to the outside people where...


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