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Haiti Earthquake Death Toll

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Death Toll in Haiti
On January 12, 2010, a catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit Haiti, a small Caribbean country in Central America. The death toll is still unsure but on January 16, 2010 an article was written by Gordon Rayner with a prediction that the death toll may hit 200,000 people. In a matter of 4 days after the incident, recruits have gathered around 50,000 dead bodies, 40,000 of them being buried in mass graves. The remaining survivors go days without food and water. There are an abundance of people to feed and not enough food, money, and time. Also, with the complete destruction of Port-au-Prince’s main prison, the streets are roaming with dangerous criminals, more than 4,000 inmates. Food and help is on the way for the people of Haiti. There are 17 hospitals set up and the United States are sending in more than 10,000 soldiers and marines to keep peace. However, survivors are nearing their limit and they are become weak and hopeless, believing that no one is coming help them. They are lost and do not know what to do as they call out to God for help. There are bodies stockpiled all over the streets, as people are still looking for more survivors.
My opinion of the article is that, I think saying the earthquake in Haiti is devastating would be an understatement. People think that the magnitude of 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina were bad, but I believe this nightmare in Haiti is about 1,000 times worst. An immense amount of people have already lost their lives, homes, and loved ones. However, if help does not come soon, all of the survivors of the earthquake will perish too. It sounds completely awful that there are just so many corpses lying around, that they are blocking the streets. I cannot imagine the putrid odor that must be in the air and how the survivors must feel, being so hopeless.


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