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International Sporting Events

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International sporting events

      There are many advantages and disadvantages when a country hosts an international event especially sporting event. Someone supports their country to host the event while others consider that it is not a good idea.
      In my opinion, the principle benefit of hosting an international event can improve the picture of country in the world. The event will attract many visitors to come to country to travel and enjoy the game. So, tourism will increase significantly while the event happens. Tourism services such as hotel, transportation or restaurant will become extremely busy in this time. Moreover, a number of jobs will be created for unemployed. More family will have money to take care their life. In additional, government will provide a great deal of fund to build many modern sport centers which satisfy international standards. Thus, sport system in country will be improved dramatically. To some extent, international sporting event is a good way to make relationship between citizens become well. Everybody will be united to cheer up their country’s applicants.In other hand, there are also many disadvantages when a country hosting an international sporting event. The increasing of visitor leads to some troubles for environment and society. For example, environment in tourism place will be damage by visitors. Number of garbage will increase quickly while other things such as trees, animals are become more vulnerable. Besides, society will face to crime, violence and disease from foreign people. Moreover, after the event, government need more fund to maintain new sport centers. These centers will deteriorate quickly unless there is no money to process. Otherwise, jobs which are created for people in event’s time are temporary jobs. So, they will become unemployed again if governments have no any policy to help them.
      In conclusion, government should pay attention on decision to hosting an international event or not because...


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