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Importance of Games

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Briefly speaking we can call this kind of essay as " Importance of Games". Every man, working women and students and working youths who perform some manual work or any kind of work needs some rest, some relaxation or the change from the monotony of this work in order to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, the best to regain last energy and to be fresh it is good that after the laborious work of day, one should play some kind of game to have a feeling of freshness.
Game is an instructive in which all the living beings take part. Games and sports should be compulsory for the students. They have a great value in character and personality building. They help us to develop team spirit, discipline, respect for rules and sportsman spirit. In Pakistan these physical activities are neglected and not well organized. this has resulted in great lawlessness and indiscipline among the students.
Games have different physical mental and moral advantage. No body can know the value of games in national character building. Now-a-days nations are judged on the play ground. Victory on the field brings honor and glory to the country. Players and sportsmen are the wondering ambassadors of the country. Games promote international amity, friendship, brotherhood and peace. Just like India Pakistan Series 2004 was the best example of an attempt of promoting relationship between India and Pakistan.
Physically games are best form of exercise. The group sports such as cricket, hockey, football, volleyball and athletics are popular all over the world. By playing games, coordination of movements of limbs of the body is produced. Mentally, players develop the sense of quick and right decisions. They form the habit of right thinking. A true sportsman hates to hit below the belt. A good sportsman never plays foul in life.


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