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Hitler’s Germany

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Hitler’s Germany

                                              1.Hitler’s childhood

Adolf Hitler was a man born in April 1889 at a place in Austria-Hungary called Braunau.   As he grew up, he decided that he wanted to be an artist and he took his chances in Vienna, a country he had hated due to its many religions such as Jew Croat, and Czech. Unfortunately, he did not get accepted by the Art Academy. He then continued to paint and sell them as postcards, but this rarely made any profit, so he then did any random job that came in his way.


                                              2.World War I

Hitler served as a soldier in the 16th Bavarian regiment in Germany. His job in the army was to be a runner(sending messages from one place to another), a very risky job which showed the braveness of his character. He had joined battles such as the First Battle of Ypres, the Somme, the Battle of Arras, and the battle of Passchendaele. Because of his courage, he received the Iron Cross, First Class in 1918.

                                3. Chancellor of Germany

The death of Stresemann in 1929 gave a Hitler an available seat as chancellor. The depression in the USA was also in Germany but Germany was the worst as their wealth was partly depended on USA. This was Hitler’s chance as he already predicted this would happen. Hitler decided to be a candidate and run as the president of Germany, but unfortunately for him, Field-Marshal Hindenburg won the election. It was not a huge loss after all because he was appointed chancellor of Germany by Field-Marshal Hindenburg.

                                    4.Hitler’s Germany

Demanding an election was the first thing Hitler did as Chancellor. A week before the decision was to be made, the Reichstag was put on fire by a Dutch communist, Marianus van der Lubbe, who was found inside the Reichstag at the time. Van der Lubbe was hoping that this would result in the rising of...


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