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Recall of Childhood Incident

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There is an incident from my childhood that has bothered me for years so I thought I'd share it, for no particular reason Smile

When I was 4 years old we lived at the top of a very steep hill at the end of a cul-de-sac. One day I was playing in the front garden when my ball got away and started rolling down the hill. As I was running after it a car started up the hill towards me but I kept on running down the middle of the road (obviously I wasn't a very intelligent child!). I was on a collision course with the car when at the last minute I slipped and fell on my back. The car passed right over me (I went between the wheels) and I remember looking up and seeing the underside of the car very close to my face. For some reason I found the whole thing funny and laughed happily while the car passed over me. As soon as it had gone I got up and carried on down the hill.

My next memory is sitting in the bathroom while mum cleaned a perfect triangular-shaped cut on my knee and asking me how I got it. I told her I had gone under a car but she didn't believe me. This cut looked like someone had drawn a large triangle on my knee with a red pen.

Recently I asked mum if she remembers this strange cut and she told me that it had stuck in her mind as it was so unusual, not like the normal cuts and scrapes children get. For a long time I had thought the whole incident was a dream as it was so surreal. But there are a few things that make little sense, for instance how could passing under a car leave a perfect triangular-shaped incision in my knee? Also why didn't the driver of the car stop and why on earth would I find passing under a car funny? Sad


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