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"you laugh at me cus i'm different, I LAUGH AT U cus u'r ALL THE SAME!!!!!!" - Kevin


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Erik DeFruscio 12/21/2011
Character Sketch AP English

Dominique, or Dom, as I would call her is my absolute favorite cousin. She is one of the most brilliant, artistic, and odd surprising people I know.   The day that we happened to stumble upon this book was one of the best days of my life. It was a casual Saturday and Dom was sleeping in until the sun hit the middle of the sky, like always. As she arose from her bed she had a quiet, wispy, muzzled-like voice and her eyes were so droopy you could barely tell that they were even open. She has never been good with mornings until she has her daily cup of coffee. As she walked into the kitchen and through the living room the light was shining through the windows just like on the days when the light shines through the clouds and people say “That’s Jesus looking down on us!” The sun hit her skin and caused a blinding reflection as it does when it hits glistening snow. Dom is a very pale skinned, and has hair that characterizes itself as flame in every way. The deep, passionate red hair running from her roots and down her back intertwined with itself as if it was a roaring fire burning up the last of its small pine branches. She drank her coffee sip by sip with her pink petal lips until every last drop had run down her esophagus and recharged her brain for the day. “I’m ready, to get ready!” she stated as it seemed there was a little more kick in her step. She quickly changed and emerged from her bedroom door with a look on her face was soothing yet made you anxious to get the day started with no one else, but her. Her style of clothing was different than others but not in a hideous way that made us all think she gets her clothes at the life-size Barbie shop. She wore cashmere scarves, Rutherford messenger bags, and white converse with drawings and art doodled on every last inch.
We had finally left the house and went to the largest thrift store that either of us knows of, Savers. We were looking...


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