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Denge Fever

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Dengue fever virus is considered the most important arbovirus in terms of morbidity, mortality and economic cost with an estimated 100 million cases of dengue fever occurring throughout the world annually. Dengue is transmitted by mosquito and occurs in epidemic and endemic proportions throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Infection with dengue virus causes a wide number of clinical symptoms which range in severity. These include fever, a maculopapular rash and headache. Primary infection with dengue usually results in a febrile, self limiting disease, however, secondary infection may result in severe complications such as dengue shock syndrome (DSS) or dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF). Patients diagnosed with dengue in endemic areas such as South East Asia generally have secondary infection, whereas patients in non endemic areas are usually diagnosed with primary infection. Characteristic antibody responses to the disease enable serological diagnosis and differentiation between primary and secondary dengue.

How can you get dengue fever?
What causes Yellow fever and dengue fever?
In dengue fever what is fever subsides?
When will I get dengue fever?
What are the medications for dengue fever?

This research aims to identify and determine the general health problems and needs of the patient with an admitting diagnosis of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, Type 1. This research also intends to help patient promote health and medical understanding of such condition through the application of the nursing skills
 To raise the level of awareness of patient on health problems that she may encounter.
 To facilitate patient in taking necessary actions to solve and prevent the identified problems on her own.
 To help patient in motivating her to continue the health care provided by the health workers.
 To render nursing care and information...


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