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Love in Romeo and Juliet

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How Does Shakespeare Present Love in Romeo and Juliet?
Different Type of Love Presented

In Romeo and Juliet, there are many different views of love shown. There is Sexual Love, Romantic Love, True Love, Spiritual Love, Unrequited Love and Love at First Sight. Sexual Love is when men think of women only for sex and vice-versa. True Romantic Love is when a man loves a woman for what she is inside. Romantic Love is partially what the other person looks like; if the person were really ugly then you wouldn't really want to be seen with them. True Love is when two people are totally in love and they don't mind being seen with each other even if one them is ugly. Spiritual Love is the same as True Love. Unrequited Love is when one person loves another but she/he does not love them back. Love at First Sight is when a person falls in love with another person when they first see them before they even know them; this is usually because of appearance.

Mercutio’s View
Mercutio's view of love is very coarse. Mercutio thinks of women only in a sexual way "O Romeo, that she were, O that she were/An open-arse, thou a pop'rin pear!" Mercutio's view of love is not spiritual at all. Instead it is very humorous "by her fine foot, straight leg, and quivering thigh, / And the demesnes that there adjacent lie." He speaks in a very coarse way about love. I think this could be because he may have had a bad experience, for example he could have had a bad marriage or he could have been `dumped' by his girlfriend; we will never know if either of these was actually true. In fact, Mercutio may never have known true love. Love to Mercutio is only a physical act between men and women. Mercutio uses many sexual puns to tease Romeo.
For Example:
Parklands for pleasure (sexual parts); spirit: ghost (or semen); circle: magic circle (or vagina); stand: ghost rising (or sexual erection); down: ghost disappearing (or end of sexual intercourse)
The Nurses View
The nurse's view of love is like...


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