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The Impact of Civil War to Children

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Sital Raj Uprety(14149611)

Having been born and raised in a third world country, the exact idea of living a quality life was never clear.   During my childhood, I used to see a lot of people around me leaving the country and settling in some developed country just in order to have a better quality of life. This has always raised a question in my mind, what in fact is a quality. Is it something you can find in a specific place or an object, or is it something you can experience from anything anywhere. I believe it’s an extraordinary experience that makes you gives you extreme happiness and makes you want to be in that state forever.   I have had several contacts with quality that really made me happy at some point of time.   But the quality for me ironically comes from giving rather than receiving and this realization has changed the course of my life in a better way.

It all began in my senior year of high school when I met an orphan who had lost his parents in the civil war and was displaced internally due to the impact of the civil war. He was just an eight year old living in the street of Kathmandu fighting for his life every single moment for survival. When I talked to him for the first time, I was surprised to find that school, a cozy home, and a good life were not even   his dream because all he cared at that time was a piece of bread for meal and corner of the street to spend the night.

This particular event made me restless the entire next week. Later I came to know that there were more than 5000 internally displaced children due to the impact of civil war. After that, I met with some of my close friends and discussed the situation and if anything can be done to help that particular child. After some series of discussion, we decided to try and help a group of war displaced children. But the main question was how would we start? Since we were determined, we started doing research about the project. We went and talked to the children rehabilitation...


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