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What Are Some Important Characteristics of a Co-Worker?

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Nowadays, teamwork is an essential element of the society. We all work with people
everyday. A co-worker is a person with whom we work closely and share tasks. In my
opinion, the important characteristics of a co-worker should be as followed.

First of all, an important character of a co-worker should be reliability. As we often have
to encounter a lot of problems at work, it is a good thing to work with someone that we
can always count on. A reliable co-worker can help us with problems that we cannot
solve by ourselves. Also, if we happen to be absent from work, a reliable co-worker can
always backup what we have been working on and make correct decisions even without

Last of all, another important character of a co-worker should be responsibility. Indeed,
no one would want an irresponsible person as his or her co-worker. It would be a
nightmare if your co-worker does not do anything and leave everything for you to finish.
On the other hand, a responsible co-worker not only do his own part of work, but also, as
soon he finishes his own, helps you finish yours, which in turn enhances the efficiency of
the work. A responsible co-worker can help others work more efficiently by giving others
aid in addition to getting their part of job done.

To summarize, as I have stated above, a good co-worker should be reliable and
responsible. A co-worker that possesses these characteristics can certainly help enhance
the progress of work and benefit his or her colleagues as well.


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