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6 Questions on the World

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Question 1: In today’s society people are used to receiving things how they want it and when they want it. Since this started becoming the case the world had to start changing as did the news. Today’s news is not like the one 90`s. it appears that the news station are starting to get the picture as well. Personally I remember turning on the news and they only talking about death war or something in that category. It was sad to turn the news on and at one point I remember my family wouldn’t watch it. After jeopardy we would simply turn the TV off. The American race is to upbeat for daily news stations, by that I mean the channel 11`s and 13`s will soon become obsolete. The American wants the news here and now with some sadness to it.
If you look at the two different types of news you wanted us to look at you will see exactly what I mean on one hand we have news shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. This type of news grabs hold to my generation. I know when I first watched the Colbert report I didn’t at first think I was watching news he has a way to bring people into the news in such a way that you will forget quickly   that you   are even watching the news. Today’s society has become an age of internet, internet sites and in all a viral generation the news we once knew of came on once or twice a day. In today’s day and age people want to be able to check their news at any time. The Colbert Report makes this possible you can pull up whatever episode at any time via internet. the pros to the up tempo news is such that it will keep the audience attentive and hooked the sarcasm that is placed in simply helps us relate to what they are saying. Colbert is simply using everyday language, unlike Rachel Maddow she uses your typical high society that not the average foe and listen to and grasp the concepts in which they are talking about. In the future I believe that all news will become more “viral” and they will start to speak more in a sarcastic every day...


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