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“ the Winner of the Generation Gap; Net Generation

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As all we know, the Internet has become one of the biggest parts of our life. In the past, this situation was different because there was TV instead of the Internet and it was a very important object or invention for our predecessors. TV was like a friend that talks with them and that is why   people spent a lot of time in front of TV. However, when the Internet came to the our life, most people started to spend more time on the Internet rather than TV. As a result, this situation has created “ Net Generation “ which is representing addicted and talented users of the Internet. Net Generation which grew up with Internet and Previous Generation which grew up with TV differ in terms of two main parts of life; social and work life.
To begin with, according to an article “ The kids are alright “ from the Economist, Net Generation is more active and more relaxed in their relationships or when they are communicate with others in social life. Since the TV has created passive couch potatoes, Previous Generation people are not dynamic. One of the reasons of this is that people sit in front of   TV for hours, they are sitting and only watching TV, doing nothing and this creates passive person model. Another reason is that TV can affect people to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward the other. In some films or TV series, there are huge amount of violence and crime which exemplify had behaviour and they influence people badly in their social life. On the other hand, the Internet has facility of more communication with the others such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or net games. People can share their interests or emotions on these online network sites and through this, they can easily communicate with the other people.
In addition to these, the article’ s information reveals that Net Generation is more successful at their work because of some reasons. One of the reasons is that Net Generation can easily adapt to...


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