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Debate: Napoleon is villain

It was true that Napoleon had made something good for France .He expanded France into the one of the largest country in that time, won wars and often be the victory. There’s a quote that war make heroes, it can use to other but not Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant leader and knew ways to get power and lead France to the victory; actually he didn’t only lead France to the victory but also lead France to the death. War often comes with loss of life and not many heroes can save all the people. Napoleon was out of this case, he was not only not try to decrease the loss of lives, but he was eagerly of wars and desire of power, which made him sank in to dept of hopeless.
Start counting and counting, the amount of troops that he wasted in wars. From a believable source, it said he lost his troops about 580,000.Everyone knew that in the wars it’s very hard to find supplies, good and also medicine but it cannot be an excuse for 580,000 of lives he lost. Why should Napoleon keep on fighting if he knew that he’s going to lose a lot troops? The only answer for this is “Napoleon was eagerly for wars and desire of power, never get enough of it”. Some groups of people said that what Napoleon had done was to protect France from other countries, want France to be powerful and defeated Britain. It’s very normal for the leader to protect their controls and show how they were powerful by defeating other groups, but was it worth enough to do that? Losing five-hundred thousands of troops, 500,000 French civilians were killed; the economy would be ruin and the worst thing was 3 millions of people died under his wars.
While Napoleon was fighting and claim that he was fighting for France, what happened in his country?

A brilliant young man came to France; He’s from Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte. He was a very young man which would call that already success in life when he didn’t crowd him as emperor yet. He had the...


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