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Girls Gone Bad

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Good Girls Gone Bad



English Composition II

12 March, .

12 March 2012
Good Girls Gone Bad
“Don't go to Wal-Mart tonight. There will be a gang initiation.”   This is a text message that my wife received in March 2009.   She believed it due to a recent gang fight that happened inside Wal-Mart that year.   As a former deputy sheriff, I know that there are numerous gangs, consisting of numerous races and genders.   In the past, many believed that the primary roles of females in gangs were to provide sexual favors, but there are various occurrences that would prove different.   About a year and a half ago, I remember watching the news broadcast of a young female saying, “That was the first time I seen somebody shot.   That was my cousin.   We gone get back though!”   In Olanta, South Carolina, a young man was shot and killed at a night club, allegedly gang related.   The young female proclaimed her affiliation with a gang on televi-sion.   I was working as a Reserved Deputy for the Florence County Sheriff's Department and was there when the young female along with two other females and a number of males were arrested.   Through the sting operation conducted on December 31, 2007 and January 01, 2008, these known gang members were arrested and faced a number of charges, including murder. Whether they represent the Bloods, the Crips, MS-13(Mara Salvatrucha), Latin Kings and Queens, Gang-ster Disciples, Hell's Angels, or Folk Nation, females have come to the forefront of what once was considered to be a way of life for men or boys in the roles of leaders, shot callers and OGs (original gangsters).   We, as a society, need to not only focus our rectification efforts on the males, but on females as well.
The idea of these things happening on our streets, schools, and in...


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