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Revenge: Justice or Sorrow?

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Name: Mennatallah mostafa gad.
Grade: 9.
Name: Mennatallah mostafa gad.
Grade: 9.
The Revenge
Is revenge justice or sorrow? Revenge by definition means to get retribution for a wrong doing done to you. Everybody has felt and taken action on the emotion of revenge, whether it's on your sibling, friend, or enemy.
Revenge can bring justice but as well bring pain to someone else. Like in the Cask of Amontillado he burn his friend (Fortunto) alive because he insulted him.   Vengeance is an extremely popular emotion in today's life whether it is terrorism or a dispute between family and friends. Revenge can be a horrible emotion; it can sometimes lead people to do horrible things. Revenge is a very common feeling. It originates with hate or envy. Revenge can make us do things that hurt other people. We shouldn’t try to get revenge on anyone. If someone did something bad to us, we can forgive him. Not to take an action of revenge. Probably he did not do that intentionally or deliberately. Revenge can bring a closure to the person who feels he has been wronged but what happens after the revenge? Can't the other person take revenge as well? The cycle could continue, which just leads to pain and sorrow. You may look at revenge as justice but in the end it brings pain and sorrow.
In the end, I want to say that revenge will only bring to us pain and doubt. Revenge is not that some people thought that is justice and it take the rights of aggrieved people. No this thinking is wrong, it only hurt people.


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