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Essay on Pollution

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Can we see now the air that we breathe, the water we drink? All of these are polluter and impure, of sure not all but there is some pollution. Why do not we have a solution?!! And this is the issue which we will talk about.
In past, there was pollution but not as now. Bygone, the people were less than people in this time so there was not many bags of rubbish. There were not many automobiles as now. Therefore, all these factors were help to reduce pollution. But now we have many cars, vehicles, factories, and many resources of pollution. That helps increased pollution. Although the technology changed the lives of humans and opened their eyes. However, it is of the key factors in the pollution of the environment. Thither also water pollution like the rubbish on the edges of Nile river and several seas. In many villages the water pollution reached point that some people wash their clothes in the river and seas. Also once I was watch the T.V and saw there is some people drink from very bad and unhealthy water (Wastewater). I can`t believe that. How? I know that there were a water pollution but not for this stage. We can solve like these issues, in factories we can dispense machines by manpower. Also we can make a recycle for the rubbish. We have many solutions for the pollution but the people do not think.
Finally I have a word to say. Pollution will lead to destruction of the world including the erosion of the ozone layer and the extinction of some aspects of plant life and animal. It’s the time for our government and us should take actions to protect environment for us and our future generations.


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