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And what actually appealed to me the most about this game was that you could build houses. But of course started playing the game I did enjoy making a family.
Both my brother and my sister played this game, I do have couple of friends that the also the sims and something that I find quite interesting when I talk about the sims is that we all have our own way of enjoying the game.
Which is quite contrast to the way that I play the sims. I always make my sims achieve excellence in everything that they do. They would have the best job, education, house, looks, garden.
On youtube there is thousand of people that play the sims and make videos. What I find most surprising I haven’t seen anyone talk about how they played The Sims. It’s something that I definitely want to hear whether it be in the comments or a video response about your stories about the game, like what I’m about to go into detail with.
On youtube there are thousands of us that make sims videos and what I find most suprising is that none of us talk about our stories of playing the Sims.

When I bought Sim City 3000 in ten years ago it came with a trailer for an upcoming game that Will Wright was producing, it was called The Sims. Originally for me the appeal of The Sims wasn’t actually controlling a family, I was more interested in building houses. But once I started playing, I got really addicted I can remember sitting for at the computer for hours and it only felt like seconds. I got in a trouble a lot of my mum. My brother and sister also played the game, and it’s a little bit worrying to share with you guys but for some reason I loved to kill my brothers sims for no apparent, I would invite them over and build a room around them without any doors.
There is over a thousand people here on YouTube that make Sims 2 videos. Across all countries around the world we play the same game. But what I find most shocking is that we never talk about the game itself and the experiences we gained from it....


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