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The Power of Language: White Knights of the Kkk

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The Power of Language: White Knights of the KKK
The KKK: Origin and Background
One of the most unforgettable notorious groups of America is the so-called Ku Klux Klan. They are said to have been formed in the late 18th century, in the midst when the Black slaves were able to win for their freedom. The leader of this group is named as Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was later considered as the Grand Wizard of the Empire. Later in January 1867, the Grand Wizard resigned from his being leader and so he was calling for the group to disband. Other members of the group remained despite the call of Forrest to disband that the violence actions towards the Blacks became prevalent. Primarily, the goals of the groups include their confiscation of the guns and other weapons from African Americans and to maintain the power of the White Americans in the government. KKK was actually found successful in their endeavors since from the small town in Tennessee, they were able to spread out to the different states of the US. The Klan was particularly effective in systematically keeping black men away from the polls, so that the ex-Confederates gained political control in many states (Infoplease). Since the KKK first flourished during the 1860’s, throughout ever Klan across the US the “White Knights of the KKK” were considered to be most violent and aggressive KKK in history. They originated in the early 1960s in Mississippi, and were led by Samuel Bowers. When the White Knights of Mississippi were first formed in 1964, they had around 200 members, and within a year there members grew up to 6,000. The White Knights were responsible for many beatings, murders, church bombings, and burnings.
As a hate group with dynamics that are actually aggressive in nature, KKK also placed great importance in the use of language as their way of keeping their group together as well as maintaining the attainment of its objectives. In this paper, we try to explore how this group was able to provide the...


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