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Risk Assesment and Fire Drill

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 Health and safety instruction should be made available to all members of staff working within the building. This report will explain the experiences I had while working at West Grove primary school and I will clarify my role as teaching assistant and state these policies and procedures such as safeguarding, children injuries, first aid, dealing, with accidents,   how to deal with infection and fire drill evacuation procedures.

Fire drill procedure and emergency evacuation procedures:

A fire drill can help you practice leaving your building quickly and safely.   In West Grove primary school fire marshals are the site manager, Head teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and Business Manager of the building to ensure that fire evacuation drills are carried out. West Grove Primary School follows these procedures:

Each room has an emergency evacuation procedure map and One fire marshal will call 999.

Children line up quickly and quietly leave by the nearest fire exit away from the fire and adult lead children to the large playground and line up at the furthest point from the school.   Children must be silent at this point.

Fire marshals will check the toilets quickly on their way out but if staffs are passing a toilet point please push door and call. Do not enter the toilet.

Office staff will bring out the registers, pupil address and telephone box if the register is left in the classroom, class teacher is to do a head count and indicate to Head teacher that all children are present.

Once the fire brigade gives the all clear school will enter the building.   If school is not able to enter building we will proceed to ST Andrews where parents will be called to collect their children.

Emergency evacuation is the immediate and quick movement to put people away from the danger or real occurrence of a hazard. An emergency evacuation is significantly important for keeping everyone safe.   My working place is follows these...


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