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Why Did Japan Incade Manchuria

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Why did Japan invade Manchuria?
Manchuria invasion was due the Wall Street crash as Japan is isolated and mountainous so it’s dependant for raw materials and food, so Wall Street crash gradually reduce the trade between USA and China. Also Japan wanted to expand the Japanese Empire. In order for Japan to recover was to access China’s resources via South Manchurian Railway. The incident of the South Manchurian Railway gave a cause for Japan to invade Manchuria. After this, Japan took over Manchuria and put a puppet government (1931).
Why did the league fail in Manchuria?
The league sent a group of officials to study the problem, which took a year. In 1933 it ordered Japan to leave Manchuria. Japan refused. Instead, Japan left the League.   Britain and France didn’t want to upset Japan as they saw them as a future ally and were worried to lose trade as Japan had other important trading links. Also only USA and USSR had the resources to remove Japan but they were not part of the league. The League could not agree on sanctions or even a ban on weapons sales.   Britain and France did not want a war, so nothing was done. The Japanese stayed in Manchuria and the League had failed.    
What is the message of this source?

The message of this source is that Japan is humiliating the League. A Japanese soldier trampling all over a beautiful woman (league) and a document, this is implying Japan is trampling on the league and there is nothing league can do to stop Japan. A League official bows down before him and gives him flowers, this is suggesting the league are letting Japan get away with the aggression. Another league official powders the League's nose with a 'face-saving kit' implying that the league are not doing anything useful but just trying to ‘save face’. The message of the cartoon is the League has been humiliated by allowing Japan to invade Manchuria because of Britain and France’s need and not handling the problem the way it should. The...


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