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Jeremiah 31: 1-9 Analysis

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Jeremiah 31: 1-9
These lines have been taken from the book of Jeremiah. The prophet Jeremiah was a son of a priest. The book tells us about Jeremiah’s prophecies foretelling the plan of God towards his people if they don’t give up the idol worshiping evil ways. This particular passage primarily deals with the reassurance that God gives to his people that he will receive them back into a covenant relation with himself. It is stressed that hard and pressing times might seem as never ending and the situation utterly despondent but those who rejoice in the love of God will be favored by his grace.
These people will be brought back in the realm of his spirit and experience his everlasting love. And when we sing of his glory and praise him we must ask him for his support and favor towards his people. And these people will include all the weak and marginalized people. Lord will shower his love on all of them and lead them to joy and happiness. The passage ends on a declaratory note that God is the father of Israel and Ephraim is his firstborn son. This passage also rings with a certain amount of forecasting. These predictions refer to a future gathering of the Israelites from all across the globe. And also figuratively describes the transformation of sinners to Christ, and the plain and safe way in which they are led including all rich and poor, strong and weak. This text comes from the Book of Consolation by Jeremiah and is more or less considered to have a relation with chapters 30-31, and most likely inclusive of chapters 32-33.

The sources for the book of Jeremiah have had consensus at some levels. It   has been observed that the actual prophecies of Jeremiah are in the verse sections and the prose pieces are the feelings of Jeremiah and they have been worked on.
Generically speaking the book falls in the category of prophecy and it is evident from this passage that we see that the lines under observation here are prophetic in nature. The section from which...


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