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Life of Slaves and Modern African American Culture and the Affect of Slavery on It

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*Life of hard work of slaves:
Life of the slaves in the American culture was really brutal and didn’t have any kind of humanity against them. Their life was always full of hard work. They had to wake up very early to start working from the moment the sun rises up until it fully sundown. Some of them were intended to work as home cleaners, cookers, and even taking care of the children but the main job that was spread was planting crops, working in the fields whatever it was the kind of the field, picking corn and cotton. They used to live in shacks called slave quarters which were totally made of small wooden shacks. All of them had 1 set of cloths because they couldn’t afford to buy anymore. They were fed the worst and the cheapest kind of foods from their masters. They had to work under the supervision of some men which was named the over seers. If they saw them once not working as they should be, they would be beaten up immediately to avoid doing that anymore. Some of them had the chance to run away and escape to the north and some not. As for the people who couldn’t escape found another way to fight back the violence. They worked slowly, pretended to be sick they tried to do anything to stop the masters from acting in their way. In addition also the slaves were treated according to their previous master. The richer the better the treatment. Some also tried to enrich themselves in the free time to try to forget the harsh times by creating pottery, quilts and sometimes composing African music.

*Modern African American culture
Most of the Africans that were in America were originally slaves that came from Africa’s middle and north western coast regions. They mainly traveled with the new explorers who their main job was to discover new lands so people can settle in it and expand their territory. Their culture is really weird for example it is thought if that house is cleaned at the night it will bring bad luck. Most of their men work as farmers and cattle...


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