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The End of Swagger

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The End of Swagger
Anna Quindlen wrote an article about the future of American foreign policy with the recent change in administration. In it, she expressed a hope that the welfare (bunastare) of women would be a key component of American foreign policy.There was not a country on earth that had not heard of Hillary Clinton (and Barack Obama). Their partnership in leading the new face of America's diplomacy abroad gave hope to those who were frustrate with the militaristic, macho agenda of the past. Their teamwork on foreign policy promised a paradigm shift. Together they could use the negotiating power of the U.S. to "pursue policies that emphasized collaboration and connection instead of confrontation."As an example, the author of the article quote Clinton's speech from Beijing given several years ago at a United Nations conference on women: "...human rights are women's rights….women must enjoy the rights to participate fully in the social and political lives of their countries if we want freedom and democracy to thrive  and endure. Many shared the view that the way for a nation to foster prosperity and growth was to give women a voice, give them rights, improve their well-being, and listen to women's concerns. According to the global fund for women, two thirds of the world's poorest people are female.Women make up about 16% of parliament members worldwide. If we are interested in promoting education, good government and prosperity, the U.S. must focus on the welfare of women. It is time for the U.S. foster development around the world in a positive way. If we want to see lasting change in the world, give the women a chance to make it happen.

The title “The end of the Swagger”is misleading because the reader can’t uderstand at the firt sight what is the article about,but is also recurrent,because is present in the text:”An American foreign policy informed by swagger has been a conspicuous failure, making the United States not respected but reviled.”...


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