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Accepting Inevitability

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Accepting Inevitability
    In the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, the combination of death and time are two consistently recurring topics. Although many people are terrified of death, it is not the progress of dying itself that scares them but the fact that they are running out of time to achieve a satisfactory life.
    In life, people find out “Too late... [they] can’t wait to become perfect, [they have] to go out and fall down and get up with everyone else”(136). People can not wait to live their lives, or they will end up waisting it procrastinating on what could be accomplished now. Unfortunately, many do not understand this until it is too late in their life to make the change. People live through their experiences, and that is how they become wiser and more worldly. If someone were to never experience something in life that they always wanted to experience, they would feel incomplete dying without accomplishing that.
    When you live your life “always looking over your shoulder to see what’s coming instead of right at you to see what’s here”(195), then people waste their lives looking at what is next to come instead of taking time to look around and enjoy life in the present. They miss out on the life that is happening right in front of them everyday. It is impossible to be satisfied with a lifestyle as such, because people will always be looking at what is next. Enjoying the little things in life is sometimes what makes it possible to survive through it. “The fortune-telling, Gypsy Dust Witch? Maybe someone who lived always in tomorrow and let today slide, like myself, and so wound up penalized, having to guess other people's wild sunrises and sad sunsets”(207). When Charles questions the Gypsy’s previous life, he admits to constantly looking ahead and not in the present. She is being punished for what she did, and now she must work as a freak. “...All these, Mr. Dark and his sort, they like crying, my God they love tears! ...They more you bawl,...


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