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Marco Hernandez
Ms.Andrews, Per 2
March 30, 2012

In act 2 of “The Tragedy of Macbeth” his plans gets ruined by his images he sees. For one, his actions to his own desire to his own control. Another thing is that ambition of Macbeth being king. Finally that, Killing of his best friend Banguo.
In act II he tries’s he desire of his own control. For one, he tells the murders that Banquo was the enemy. He had two murders
To kill him and his son because Banquo was against tryn to put the murders in prison. Another thing, is that he tells his wife to relax. But he see the ghost of the people he had killed including Banquo and the king. Finally, when has called Hecate. Hecate is the person he calls for the sprit which Hecate was the third murder to kill Banquo as well.
Macbeth has ambition of him being king. For one, is ambition is his Ego. His Ego is   being brave, strong, and fearless is his Ego of being ambition. Another thing is his pride. His pride of being king. Which he had took it to the limit. He had started betraying people and kill   which made him king. Finally that,   his ambition is to much and Macbeth being king is making him go crazy.
Toward the end of the act he kills his own best friend. He has called Hecate to help. Hecate was a sprit he had summons to make his plan to go on. He has a party for him being king. But has see the king he had killed and he has excuse himself for his poor behavior and to control his situation. Finally that, has plans goes well which the two murders killed his best friend. But Banquo son has escape from the ambush.


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