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Communication and Information Technology

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Communication and Information Technology


      Electronic medical records (EMR) are an enormous magnitude factor that makes up the healthcare system of any technology advancement in humanity. The main objective for the use of electronic medical records in health care organization is to improve information and expedite communication and technology. However, the success of health care organizations still continues to struggle with communication and information technology. Keep in mind, communication and information technology still influence the workplace and technology impact consumers in health care. For several years, health care organizations have been trying to understand communication and information technology and its responsibility in health care. In this paper the subject to explore is technology’s effect on communication and information in relation to health care and the financial impact on organizations.
      Using technology to improve health care communication in organizations is as important internally to the organization as it is externally to the organization. Effective communication to the media, competitor, and consumers creates a marketing challenge to health care organizations. In addition, electronic medical records are a strong advantage to health care organizations for excellent strategic planning to the consumers. In essence, electronic medical records are legal documents based on situations that occur in a hospital with other ambulatory environment. The information recorded from electronic medical records goes into patient’s electronic health records; however, the basic theory of electronic health records have been efficient and contribute to the communication of information between the health records and medical records (Garets & Davis, 2006). Communication and information technology can also help health care organizations run more efficiently and be a better place to enjoy working. The...


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