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When Radiation Therapy Kills

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1.The concepts of Ethics are illustrated in this chapter. Ethics is a
concern of humans who have freedom of choice. Ethical choices are
decisions made by individuals who are responsible for the consequences of
their actions. Responsibility is a key element of ethical action and means
acceptance of costs, duties and obligations for the decisions made.
Accountability is a feature of systems and social institutions; it means
that mechanisms are in place to determine who took responsible action, and
who is responsible. Liability extends the concepts of responsibility
further to the area of laws. Responsibility, accountability and liability
are issues that are raised by radiation technology. In this case we see
that the carelessness or laziness of the medical technician, the lack of
training in the handling of the equipment (software), also of the
maintenance of the updates of the software can cause the life a person.

2.Information systems and organizations influence one another. Information
systems are built by managers to serve the interest of the business firm.
At the same time, the organization must be aware of and open to the
influences of information systems to benefit from new technologies. In
these cases carelessness, laziness of the medical technicians who
administered treatment, lack of appropriate updates in software, training,
safety procedures and staffing are primarily to blame.
Organization was responsible for lack of properly budgeting of time and
resources for properly training doctors and medical technicians, there was
no room on already limited budgets for the training that equipment
manufactures claimed was required. Management was responsible for
understaffed and overworked staff and for no safety procedures in place to
check their work or time to do so; for lack of control and poor people
management as well as uses technology without appropriate updates in


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