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The Help Essay

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Relationship and Charcterization
      The Help is written by Kathryn Stockett. The book was set during the 1960’s in a segregated town called Jackson, Mississippi. The Help allows reader to see a peek of what life was like for the privileged whites. It also allows reader to see how white people treat colored people and the family’s help. Aibileen Clark and Aibileen Clark are both a colored women that earn their living through attending white families. Aibileen works for the Leefolt’s family. She took care of all the chores around the house, as well as, taking care of Mae Mobley Leefolt. Aibleen is described as having a big heart. She took care of Mae Mobley as if she is her own daughter. Aibileen teaches Mae Mobley not to judge others by the color of their skin. Mae Mobley looks up to Aibileen. Mae Mobley sees Aibileen as a mother more than her actual mother, Miss Leefolt. Aibileen and Mae Mobley have a very strong relationship due to Aibileen caring of Mae Mobley.
Minny Jackson is the best friend of Aibileen. She is described as having a big mouth and likes to talk back. She starts the story working for Miss Holbrook’s mother. However, Miss Holbrook fired her which led to Minny getting hired by Celia Rae Foote. Miss Celia is different than most white women in that town because most white women in Jackson treat their help poorly. They do not treat the colored people with respect. They treat colored people as if they are inferior to whites. Miss Celia, however, treats Minny as if they are equal and there is no color difference. Miss Celia even looks at Minny as her savior. She doesn’t look at Minny as if she is superior to Minny. This showed how Miss Celia is caring and not a racist.
Hilly Holbrook, unlike Miss Celia, believes that because she is white, she is superior to the colored people. She treats every colored people as if they are not smart, they carry disease, and they are inferior to the whites. She strongly believes in segretation and the notion of...


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