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Unit 10
Latin America
October 20, 2011
        Discuss the areas of disagreement that developed between the United States and Latin America over the question of hemispheric priorities in the early years of the Cold War (1945 – 1960).   Did the United States or Latin America have the better set of priorities?
    After coming out of World War II and having the reputation of being the “world’s greatest economic, financial, military, and even cultural power” we were now going to enter an era of time that would allow us to deal with other countries through threats of nuclear warfare,
    Admiral Hyman Rickover was addressing the U.S. Senate Committee in 1958 when he said,   “I think most of our people cannot understand that we are actually at war.   They need to hear shells.   They are not psychologically prepared for the concept that you have a war when you don’t have actual fighting.   A war without troops on the ground.   We had entered a battle with the Soviet Union and were going to try and stop the spread of Communism.   Thus, the Cold War began.   The United States was viewed as being consumed or obsessive about the spread of Soviet and international expansion.   The expansion of communism to free countries would pose a threat to our democracy and therefore Latin America’s plans to have the United States help in the rebuilding   of their economic development would have to wait.
      President Harry Truman was responsible for the “Truman Doctrine”, which gave any free country support if they were threatened by Soviet Power.   Latin America was not pleased with this decision.   Then came the “Marshall Plan” that gave financial aid for the redevelopment of Europe.   Latin America was disappointed again, they wanted their “Plan”.   Truman told them that they already had it and it was called the “Monroe Doctrine”.   Once again Latin America was not pleased.   Latin America continued to be disgruntled with the Rio Conference agreement which   was meant to contain...


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