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Revenge and Frankenstein

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Darnell Shaw
Mar 15, 2012

Revenge and Frankenstein

Audience Analysis:
The intended audiences for this paper are student; teachers and casual readers that are either currently reading or have already read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Generally those that have read the novel may understand the direction of this paper and be able to relate to its topic and compare it the emotion one may feel on a day to day basis. Those who have yet to have read the novel will understand the generally what the novel is about and its relation to human nature. Those that are currently reading the novel understand the novel more and will want to dive deeper into the plot and it various character backgrounds.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a truly grim gothic like novel of its time but one theme that is present throughout the novel is revenge. The theme revenge is seen through the entire novel and is present in the two main characters Victor Frankenstein and the creature he created. Although the theme of revenge is widely used throughout the novel there is are other themes that’s made revenge possible and these themes are anger, and betrayal. Without a doubt the novel of Frankenstein is a revenge filled novel that also embodies human nature and its day to day confliction with want and desire.
The creature, when he was brought to life, was initially created with intentions of being a companion to Victor, but after being created he is rejected by Victor. The creature learns of judgment, abandonment, and anger ultimately his intended purpose would not be possible; therefore a feeling of hatred became pointed at Victor. Victor created him and brought him to life, and as soon as he created him, he abandoned him with no supervision. With the feeling of being rejected and abandoned the thought of revenge against his creator began develop.   The creature began to act out his revenge against Victor; his first act was killing Victor’s brother William and leaving the crime to...


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